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PPM: Planned Preventative Maintenance

What is PPM?

Planned preventive maintenance, more commonly referred to as (simply) planned maintenance or scheduled maintenance.


We (carryout/undertake) do a wide variety of scheduled maintenance to every installation and system ranging from domestic dwellings, communal spaces and commercial offices.


(A) planned maintenance is a scheduled service visit carried out by one of our skilled Engineers to ensure all parts of the system have been checked and all defects are recorded this is then broken down to a report and sent out explaining any defects observed.


This is to ensure that the system is operating correctly and to avoid any unscheduled breakdown and downtime due to poor upkeep.


Most common systems which require maintenance are:

·         Emergency lighting installation

·         Fire alarms installations

·         Carbon monoxide

·         Smoke Venting

·         Portable appliances (PAT)

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